Mortgage Loans

We give higher loan amount longer loan tenure and lower interest rate with collateral item such as houses, shops, office lots and vacant lands, we provide free consultantion and evaluation on your property

We accept many types of collateral such as Double storey terrace house, Semi-Detached Property, Bungalows, Land, Condominium/ Apartment ,Shoplots and etc.

We will assess your security goods, if the amount of collateral acceptable to you, the money will be given immediately to you along with the receipt of collateral

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Collaterable items

Landed Property such as double storey terrace, single storey or others types of landed will acceptable by us.

Every type of shoplot that located at prosperous area will be consider as collateral.

Vacant land near to the main road.

Condominium, Apartment of flat with strata title will be taken as collateral for your mortgage loan,

Document Needed

Sales & Purchase Agreement

Previous or Current New Sales & Purchase Agreement that showing the property details.

Housing loan Letter of Offer

Signed Letter offer by your current bank that can show loan details.

Title, Quit Rent, Assessment

Photocopy of Title for current property or Latest quit rent receipt.

Housing loan Account of Statement

Latest yearly or half-yearly housing loan statement provide by your bank.